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Premium Mezcal from Oaxaca

Oaxaca, southern Mexico, is a region known for its unique handicrafts, stunning colonial architecture, and fascinating ancient sites. But, that’s not all. Oaxaca is also the best place to try Mezcal – a famous distillate made from the agave plant.

Enjoy Premium Quality Artisanal Mezcal made in Oaxaca, a drink deeply rooted in the local culture of the region.

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Original Mezcal with History

Aguila Serpiente is a family-owned and operated business in Oaxaca that descended from the indigenous people. Our forefathers perfected the art of making Mezcal, and we believe it is our duty to preserve our heritage and history through Aguila Serpiente.

From the agave plant extraction process to the Mezcal making and bottling process, we follow the highest quality standards throughout to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Clean Water from Serpient Waterfall

Aguila Serpiente Mezcal gets its name from the Eagle and the Serpent. We use an ancient recipe for making it. In the 200-year-old process, the pit oven-roasted pinas are crushed and mashed and then fermented in large barrels with the cleanest water obtained from Cola del Serpiente, the Serpiente Waterfall, to derive Artisanal Mezcal’s exquisite taste and extraordinary flavor.

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Traditional Mexican Technology

At Aguila Serpiente, we value tradition and perfection above all else. That is why the Mezcal we produce follows a centuries-old recipe and methods passed down from generation to generation in the Oaxaca region. You can expect to get fresh, rich and authentic Artisanal Mezcal with Aguila Serpiente.

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    • Joven

      Also known as gold tequila due to its color, the rare and exquisite Joven is made with unaged blanco and aged tequila.

    • Reposado

      One of the most popular yet hard to find, Reposando is a specialty at Aguila Serpiente. Aged in oak barrels for just the right amount of time before getting bottled, you can get the very best of it here!

  • Anejo

    Aged for more than a year in a barrel, this is the most authentic Mezcal that has been reserved only for those who can appreciate its highly complex, rich, and smooth flavor.

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